Load Balancer vs Application Gateway vs Traffic Manager vs Front Door service in Azure

Azure Load Balancer

As name says, it is a service for balancing load. Ok, one boat has too much of load so lets distribute the Load among multiple Similar boats and that’s the concepts. The point here to catch is, this service is to distribute the load to avoid one boat/VM getting loaded heavily. So the concepts of load balancer is about the distributing the load among multiple similar VMs hence it operates at layer 4 of the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model.

Azure Application Gateway

As name says it’s a gateway to get the final destination. In boat example, we people travelling across multiple destinations so now the responsibility is to send the right people to right boat according to their Destinations. We have a criteria here ‘Destination’ to choose the right boat and that is the URL in this concept based on URL, service decides which server/VM will process the request. hence it operates operates at layer 7 of the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model.

Azure Traffic Manager

Now it is difficult for me to continue the example of boat as here we are reaching to larger scale but I would still go with real time example and consider the example of Airport.

Azure Front Door Service

Think about the Airport serving the destination need of Domestic and International with multiple airline providers and to manage the traffic here we would need a better management system to serve the load. Here would need multiple filter check after a certain point which is called main door to separate the traffic for domestic and international.


Azure provides a suite of fully managed load-balancing solutions for your scenarios.

  • If you are looking to do DNS based global routing and do not have requirements for Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol termination (“SSL offload”), per-HTTP/HTTPS request or application-layer processing, review Traffic Manager.
  • If you want to load balance between your servers in a region at the application layer, review Application Gateway.
  • If you need to optimize global routing of your web traffic and optimize top-tier end-user performance and reliability through quick global failover, see Front Door.
  • To do network layer load balancing, review Load Balancer.



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